Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions from past and potential clients

I’ve been married a couple of times before, what do I need to provide?

You will need to supply the death or divorce certificate of your former marriage of your last marriage only - not all of them. See the list of Births Deaths Marriages in each State.

I can’t find my birth certificate. Will my Aussie passport do?

Yep.  Legislation has just changed and it will do just fine!

I was born overseas? Does that change anything?

You can supply either your overseas birth certificate or the passport from your country of birth (it’s okay if it has expired, but if it’s been cancelled, then that’s not acceptable). If you supply your overseas birth certificate, I must be able to understand what it says - so if it’s in Chinese for example, you’ll need it translated through an accredited agency, because I can’t read Chinese.

I’ve heard that there’s legal stuff that has to be said in the ceremony. 
What is it and do I have to have it?

The Marriage Act 1961 states that I must say the Monitum which identifies who I am and that I’m registered and that marriage is “solid and binding”.  It also states what marriage is according to law in Australia, which is:  “a union between two people to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life”.  Many people don’t know that this is a legal requirement and often people think it is the choice of the celebrant. While the Monitum must be said for a legal wedding in Australia - you can still personalise the ceremony around your beliefs. Also, in your vows, you both must say:  I call upon all persons here present to witness that I (full name) take you (full name) to be my wife/husband/spouse.
And, yes, if you want a legal marriage, these must be said and be audible to your guests.